Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chewie and Han

With the recent big announcement of Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, here's an old fanart i did on chewie n Han based on Tim burton style.

the sketch

Ghibli sleepover

Finally finished this piece.
The sketch

Dark Knight Trilogy Fanart

Did a Jam piece of the villains of DK and bats.
below is the inked lineart done in photoshop.

DarkKnight Fanart

Got caught in the DK fever a while back and did a series of fan art.  Thinking what it would look like if it is being turned into an animated series or film.  So here's my take on these characters.

New blog. new banner for AFA 2012

start of a new blog. :) Added a banner for my art booth for the upcoming AFA 2012.