Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Prints Available! ^^

Prints and other stuff like t shirt, hoodie and pillows are available now at


Monday, November 19, 2012

some environmental designs from Jane and the Dragon.

Some environmental concepts i did for the show - Jane and the Dragon.  Just got approval to show these.  In the mist of putting more concepts that i did on my facebook page. will reveal more when that fb page of mine is sorted and populated with more works.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hulk Sketches

More weekend doodles.  Hulk is such a fun character to draw. :)

Avengers doodle.

weekend doodle.  experimenting with simple shapes to recreate an animated avengers look.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A1 Mitaka Sleepover print.

got myself a A1 print for keepsake. ^^ now ponyo is slightly more visible and the neko bus seems fluffier. :P  now i m contemplating if i should go print a A0 size.. u know.. cos bigger is better? no? haha.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shen Tong

An old character that i've designed many years ago for my short manga series.  redrawn recently with some minor design changes.  maybe will get back to this manga series in the future.  Shen tong needs a new adventure after all. :D

GoT fan art - Ned and Rob Stark

Hooked to the series so cant help but do fanart of the characters. :)

"Blue" Sketch series 01

Printed these sketches as a set of 5 on A5 artcards for my AFA art booth and i am very happy that these were sold out. :D More to come and hopefully series 02 will be available in the next convention. :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Call to Arms.

one of my prints that is available at AFA featuring my own creation. used to call them toots. currently, working on a new name. as of now , let's jus call them katoots. (haha lame minor changes i know. :) The basic idea of this piece is that a guardian of sort was being summoned reluctantly by them into battle. may tweak this piece a bit more in the future. :)

Naruto Vs Aang

One of the Art prints that was intended for AFA but did not have enough time to get it colored. Perhaps next time. :)

AFA 2012

Had a Blast at last weekend's AFA 2012 convention at Singapore Expo.  This is my first time having an art booth ( Dream come true! :D) and i am so glad and grateful that it is pretty successful!  I went in uncertain about how the crowd will react to my art stuff as it is after all an Anime and Manga Themed festival since my art is not really that anime/manga styled.

This AFA experience has given me the much needed moral booster and confidence in having an Art Booth.  Now, i can't wait to start working on my next sketchbook and do more art!

Below are some of my art comissions.  There are still a couple more requests to be done so will post these up once they are done. :)

My First ever convention commissioned sketch!  hope she likes it and email the soft copy some day. :)

Had a lot of fun sketching this.  :)

Big Thanks to Toysrevil for the feature and coverage here