Monday, November 12, 2012

AFA 2012

Had a Blast at last weekend's AFA 2012 convention at Singapore Expo.  This is my first time having an art booth ( Dream come true! :D) and i am so glad and grateful that it is pretty successful!  I went in uncertain about how the crowd will react to my art stuff as it is after all an Anime and Manga Themed festival since my art is not really that anime/manga styled.

This AFA experience has given me the much needed moral booster and confidence in having an Art Booth.  Now, i can't wait to start working on my next sketchbook and do more art!

Below are some of my art comissions.  There are still a couple more requests to be done so will post these up once they are done. :)

My First ever convention commissioned sketch!  hope she likes it and email the soft copy some day. :)

Had a lot of fun sketching this.  :)

Big Thanks to Toysrevil for the feature and coverage here

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